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Granite Designs has years of experience in helping  customers pick out a beautiful and long lasting countertop. We understand that each home is unique in every way. We custom fabricate every countertop individually to compliment your cabinets, furniture or other application. In the beginning stages of planning for your stone work, it is important to plan out every detail and come up with your specific preferences regarding the layout of your new countertops to fulfill your every dream.
The first thing you need to consider, (and the most important) is that you are working with an experienced fabricator. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. An experienced stone fabricator should not have any problem answering your questions in a timely fashion. Once you have determined that Granite Designs is your best choice for fabrication,follow these steps to help us plan and construct the countertop you desire.
The following steps will make it easy for you to measure & draw a plan of you new countertops, and help us give you an accurate estimate.
  1. Download and print out our easy to use graph paper to help with questions and layout, and provide needed information.
  2. Draw a quick layout of the new countertops (example of finished drawing).
  3. Measure length and width to the nearest 1/2″. Make sure to include overhangs.
  4. Indicate on the layout wall locations, and which walls require a backsplash.
  5. Decide on style of backslash, Standard or Custom.
  6. Indicate location of sink(s) and cook top(s) (Actual sink placement will be confirmed at field measure).
  7. Indicate Any special features you would like ( radius corners, large overhang, etc.)
  8. Mail or fax your plan / drawing for a prompt response.
Feel free to contact any one of our experienced sales staff to help you with any questions you may have, or if you would like an in-home consultation.
We also encourage a visit to one of our sales offices to view samples and design ideas.

Selecting the type of stone and the stone color for your new countertops is one of the most rewarding steps of the process. At this point it is a good idea to narrow the colors down to about 2 or 3 so we can prepare an accurate estimate. Websites are fine for preliminary selection. You may select specific slab(s) from our yard or at one of our broker’s warehouses.

Granite is extremely popular with its natural beauty, hundreds of colors and low maintenance characteristics. It is the first choice for many people.
But if you are in the market for something different we also fabricate HanStone (engineered stone), Marble, Slate, and Limestone. We encourage you to visit one of Granite Designs’ showrooms to see the many options available.

The edge detail represents the finished edge which faces outward and is highly visible. At Granite Designs we have many different edge profiles to choose from.  We take pride in our care and craftsmanship that goes into each and every edge detail we produce.

Download Edge Profiles – Click Here

Backsplash (whether you choose tile, standard height granite or a custom granite backsplash), is the best way to provide a beautiful protective surface where the countertop meets the back wall. A stone backsplash will prevent spills, steam, food splatters, and grease from damaging primary wall surfaces.

Contact us with any questions.

Standard Backsplash
The standard backsplash is everything 4″ and shorter in height.
Custom Backsplash
A custom backsplash, or full height splash, is unique to each project. A custom backsplash is taller than 4″ .

When it comes to selecting sinks, costumers have many choices to choose from:  Undermount, Drop in, Farm sink, or Vessel sink .

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Sink
Choosing the right sink starts with understanding the difference in steel. The higher quality sinks are made with type 304 18 gauge 18/10 stainless steel. In metals the lower the gauge numbers the thicker and more durable the steel. The 18/10 number is the chrome/nickel content of the steel. This is very important to the luster and rust proofing of the steel. All of the best sinks are 18/10. There are many manufacturers that use 18/8. This does provide a reduced cost but these sinks will not hold there shine like 18/10.
For years the 16 gauge sinks were only available for commercial applications.Granite Designs carries a full line of 16 gauge sinks with residential styling. Purchasing an Eclipse premium sink through us can be a very smart decision. You can trust that these are the very best sinks made and the most durable possible.
Size and shape considerations are a personal choice. Make sure that your sink base will accommodate your selection. Many people prefer the large/small bowl configuration as larger items that do not fit in a dishwasher fit better in the large bowl.
Following the care and maintenance provided with your sink will give you the performance you can expect with an Eclipse sink. Eclipse also has bottom grates to help protect your sink during normal use.
Download 16 Gauge Sink Options – Click Here
Download 18 Gauge Sink Options – Click Here
Granite Designs also carries a full line of kitchen and bathroom faucets.  Double click on one of the 3 files below to learn more.
  • 100% solid stainless steel construction
  • No brass or copper used
  • No discoloration or corrosion ever
  • Ceramic disc cartridge

Download Faucet options – Click Here
Download Faucet options #2 – Click Here
Download Faucet options #3 – Click Here

Whether it is new construction, a remodel or just adding a small top to your kitchen, to get an estimate please provide us with either blueprints or a drawing of your project, so we can give you an accurate estimate on your top. You can also contact one of our experienced sales staff to come and give you an in-home consultation. If you have any questions contact us or check out the “Planning For Stone” listed above on this page.
You can Contact us by Fax, E-mail, Mail, or just give us a call for help, to get your dream countertops complete.
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