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Concrete pavers will bring durability and elegance to any outdoor environment. Unused yard spaces transform into magnificent extensions of a living room. Ordinary driveways become classic entry points to the home. Bland sidewalks turn into stunning streetscapes. We carry multiple brands of pavers, all are uniquely designed to create rich tapestries of hues and patterns. Please click on the one of the following brands to see more

Click on one of the following brands to see more of what we have to offer:

Willow Creek Paving Stones will breathe new life into your outdoor environment with an exciting array of colors, textures and patterns to enhance any patio, courtyard, walkway or driveway. Made from high-strength aggregates, Willow Creek Paving Stones are designed to give you many years of maintenance-free enjoyment and carry a limited lifetime guarantee in residential applications.
Whether you desire the tailored look of our traditional texture or the vintage feel of our weathered texture, say goodbye to drab concrete and asphalt, and say hello to the elegant look and inviting warmth of Willow Creek Paving Stones.
Willow Creek paving stones are available in an old-world weathered look or a traditional non-weathered finish.


Round out your landscape with a classy Circlestone patio, piazza, or courtyard. Its dynamic radiant geometry, derived from a centuries-old design, establishes a natural focal point. Circlestone will help create warm, inviting gathering areas – perfect settings for socializing.


There’s a reason why streets of Old Europe have lasted for hundreds of years – they’re made with cobblestones. Today, you can capture this venerable ambiance with Willow Creek Cobblestone for a distinctive paved surface that will age as gracefully as it performs.


Brickstone recalls the colonial Americana look of brick-paved streets, yet offers a rich palette of colors from which to choose. Even with its simple rectangular shape, Brickstone can be arranged in several appealing patterns.

The timeless beauty of Interlock

Site Furnishings

Granite Designs also carries a full line of concrete site furnishings. Please call for more information.

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Additional Landscaping Solutions

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