Crystal Clear Golf Course Managment

//Crystal Clear Golf Course Managment
Golf course pond management can oftentimes be the hardest problems for Superintendents to cure. Most Superintendents have been trained in turf management but not pond management. That’s where we come in….
If you are a Superintendent, Groundskeeper or Facility Manager you know the constant fight to keep your ponds and water features clean and pristine. The CrystalClear® line of products provides a comprehensive program of items to cure any pond problem from algae to odor. The following items are what we suggest for safe, simple applications:
We have formulated all our treatment products to be as environmentally mild as possible. All the products in the CrystalClear® line that we recommend are harmless to turf, wildlife and people, unlike copper sulfate and other out-dated harsh chemicals that are detrimental to any ecosystem.
Golf course ponds turn green and emit odors because of the massive amounts of chemicals and fertilizers used for turf that naturally run-off into golf course ponds. Routine pond maintenance with CrystalClear® products can neutralize the effects of harmful chemical run-off.
If you are having trouble with your ponds, please contact our Longville office and we will be more than happy to help you. 
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