Fireplace Hearths

//Fireplace Hearths
Granite Designs has a full Fabrication shop that allows us to custom build your fireplace hearths to match you needs.
We have put together a pricing structure that allows you (the homeowner) to get an idea on how much a hearth would cost without ever leaving your living room, and before ever coming to one of our show rooms. If you have questions, please give one of our experienced sales staff a call.
Note: prices are meant to be used for a budget number; actual cost may vary.
First thing you need to do is pick your color.
We have set up some of the most common colors used in fireplace hearths to choose from. (more color options available)
After you have selected a color, download our easy to use worksheet (with an example sheet) and fill in the information. 
Hearth work sheet and Examples page
Now that you have all the information pages, download our Price sheet and fill in the numbers. Remember, please call if you have any questions; one of our sales staff would be more than happy to help
Hearth Price sheet
All colors below available in either 1 1/4″ or 2″ thick material
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