Natural Stone Veneer

Northland Monument is a manufacture of many Natural Stone Veneers. We have invested in state of the art equipment to provide a consistent and quality product. We can supply all our veneers in a full veneer (nominal 4″ deep) or a thin veneer (1″ to 1½” deep). Shown below are Natural Stone Veneer. Remember we can customize our stone veneers to your project.

Fireplace Hearths 

Granite Designs has a full Fabrication shop that allows us to custom build your fireplace hearths to match you needs.

We have put together a pricing structure that allows you (the homeowner) to get an idea on how much a hearth would cost without ever leaving your living room, and before ever coming to one of our show rooms. If you have questions, please give one of our experienced sales staff a call.

Note: prices are meant to be used for a budget number; actual cost may vary.

First thing you need to do is pick your color.

We have set up some of the most common colors used in fireplace hearths to choose from. (more color options available)

After you have selected a color, download our easy to use worksheet (with an example sheet) and fill in the information.

Hearth worksheet and Examples page

Now that you have all the information pages, download our Price sheet and fill in the numbers. Remember, please call if you have any questions; one of our sales staff would be more than happy to help

Hearth Price sheet

All colors below available in either 1 1/4″ or 2″ thick material

Installation Products & Guide

Granite Designs carries a full line of installation products to install both full bed and thin veneer on your home or business.

When installing all masonry units, especially precast and natural stone units for masonry veneer systems, it is imperative that the mortar is designed to match the properties of the stone for optimal shear bond strength and durability. SPEC MIX® Stone Veneer Mortar and Stone Veneer Joint Grout products are specifically formulated and tested to ensure mortar to unit compatibility as well as good workability.

Stone Veneer Mortar for “scratch & base coat” and “joint grout” applications are computer batched and preblended products that bond precast, lightweight masonry veneer units to solid base surfaces such as in-place masonry, concrete or galvanized, expanded metal lath. Available in natural gray or colored, SPEC MIX® Stone Veneer Mortar is manufactured dry to eliminate the inconsistencies associated with field-proportioned mortars. Only the addition of water is needed to produce a mortar that provides total quality control, consistency and optimal bond strength in every batch.


SPEC MIX Stone Veneer Masonry Mortar is a blend of dry cementitious materials and masonry sand specifically designed to provide superior bond for precast, lightweight masonry veneer units to base surfaces. 

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SPEC MIX Stone Veneer Scratch & Base Mortar is a blend of dry cementitious materials and masonry sand specifically designed for superior bond and durability. Used as a base coat for applications over wood and lath, concrete or masonry substrates, Scratch and Base is used to attach precast, lightweight masonry units. SPEC MIX® Stone Veneer Joint Grout Mortar is used to fill the voids between the units. 

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SPEC MIX Stone Veneer Joint Grout Mortar is a blend of dry cementitious materials and masonry sand specifically designed to fill the joints between various precast, lightweight masonry veneer systems.

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PORTLAND LIME & SAND (PL-01) (TYPE M, S, N) (PL-02, PL-03, PL-04)

SPEC MIX® Portland Lime & Sand mortar is a dry preblended mortar mix containing Portland cement, hydrated lime and dried masonry sand formulated for superior bond, water retention and board life. Meets ASTM C 270 requirements. 

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