At Northland Monument we specialize in crafting beautiful memorials with your loved ones stories into one of a kind works of memorial art that will last for many generations to come. We only work with the highest quality domestically sourced granite and bronze material to aid in telling your loved ones story. As we walk you and your family through the process you can rest assured that our staff here at northland monument will be here every step of the way. From meeting with you to talk and develop your loved ones memorial design to the corresponding with the cemetery or funeral home to get the stone physically set in place. We have helped thousands of families tell their loved story through our artisan memorial design work and can not wait to help. No matter the monument, big or small our memorial design staff will help you engrave their headstone to  encompass everything that made your loved one who they are. Please feel free to look over all of our past memorial works below, and click the button to learn more to be taken to our in-depth memorial design articles.  

Memorial Granite Colors

We have many granite color options to choose from to help your loved ones memorial come to life and be uniquely theirs.

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Memorial Columbariums

Each of our columbariums are built to last. Using only the finest granite and bronze materials, our columbariums house the remains of multiple loved ones. Lasting many generations your families estate will be proudly honored in their own personal vaults. If your family is interested in getting started building a one of a kind memorial, you can know that your estate will never be forgotten with such a lasting presence.

Upright Monuments

A Northland Upright Monument is just that, an upright tablet grave marker with both a polished front and back face allowing you to carve and sculpt just about any thing. From traditional name and date engraving to shape carved angels that lift your loved ones monument to new heights, towering high above all that lay before it. An Upright Monument is by far the most customizable of all of the grave memorials we create. Choose from overall shape, color, exterior edge finish, and many other options when you meet with one of our expert memorial staff. Also, please view some of the exquisite memorials works below to get an idea of how grand we can get when telling your loved ones story in stone.

Flat Grave Markers

The Flat Grave Marker is a very common burial stone for many Northern Minnesota residents looking to both, honor their loved one, as well as, maintain a smaller budget to do so. Typically around 2 feet long and 1 foot wide for a single memorial, a flat grave marker can be easily customized to suit almost any story. For a single memorial, your loved ones memorial design will likely have room to add many details above and to the sides of your chosen text. For companion flat grave markers, or grave markers that encompass the stories of 2 or more loved ones, we recommend increasing the length to allow for more space for story telling. With one single memorial telling multiple stories, it is important to meet and design with our experienced memorial staff as we strive to make even the couples that were polar opposite during life, flow and look stunning together in 1 design.

Slant & Bevel Memorials

The Slant Memorial was actually one of the very first ventures from the traditional upright tombstone known around the world of grave memorials. A slant memorial will typically be around 16" to 18" tall and span a front face ranging from 2 feet to 3 feet for companion slants. They can be customized much like the flat grave marker but allow for an extra surface on the back to be carved into as well. Slant Memorials can also be set on a granite base to allow for a tapered look and have room for additional granite vases for seasonal flowers. Meeting with one of our staff to review the options is key to building a world class slant memorial for your loved one, reach out today and let's get started crafting your loved ones story in stone.

Heart Upright Memorials

A close design variant of the Upright Monument; a Heart Memorial is simply an Upright Monument specifically cut into a heart shape. With both smooth and rough edges available, you can truly create a unique memorial for a loved one with an equally unique story to tell. Either simetrically upright or laying on its side, the heart memorial design will allow for engraving on both the front and back faces, so you can plan on telling the whole story of your loved one. Available though our custom order process, if a heart memorial is the memorial for you it is best to meet with our design staff immediately to get the unique memorial design process started.

Wing Memorials

Another Upright variant; the wing memorial comes into play as you begin to mix 2 or more stories of loved ones past together. With each wing of the memorial telling it's own story, you will have more than enough room to tell multiple stories to the fullest. Either connected (pushed together) or separated by a vase or eternal flame, both wings will be set atop a granite base to show the unity of life long connection and to help tie in both or even multiple stories. Like the wings of the angel that had lifted your loved one on to the afterlife, so will these stone versions to help future generations understand and know the story of your loved. Get started designing your loved ones Memorial Wings today.

Memorial Benches

The Memorial Bench is a unique and inviting way to tell your loved ones story. Being built either in conjunction with other memorial pieces or standing alone in all it's glory, a memorial bench allows you to tell the story of your loved one as well as sit with them and actually experience their story first hand. Bench memorials can be engraved on al most every surface visible to help you tell their complete story

Veterans Memorials

Although they might have been lost in battle, the names and memories of our beloved troops will never be forgotten after we engrave their heroing stories into a one of a kind granite memorial. Normally memorializing an event and the loss of many, we are proud to have built some of the largest and most outstanding Veteran Memorials throughout the great state of Minnesota. If you and your team are looking to memorialize your lost troops, then we will be more than happy to assist.

Custom Memorials

A custom memorial is one that is completely unique to you, your love one, and their story. In sitting down with our custom memorial specialists, we will take down your wishlist of every aspect of the memorial you would like modified. Then, we proceed to building and crafting said masterpiece that will honor your loved one for generations to come. Get started building your loved ones custom memorial today.


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