Flat Grave Markers and Grass Level Memorials

The single most used memorial size and shape can actually pack a whole mural or scene into its engraving. When it is time to bury your loved one, just about every cemetery will allow a 24″x12″ grave marker, otherwise known as a 2×1 flat grass marker. At Northland Monument, we make, blast, and engrave, the highest quality flat headstones, from the highest quality granite sourced from all over the U.S.

For a single person, a flat gravestone is easily customized to tell the story of your loved one. The key comes in contrast with colors. Most all polished granites will be darker than their unpolished interiors. In this article we will be covering:

  1. Flat Grave Marker Design
  2. Flat Companion Marker Design
  3. Flat Memorial Engraving
  4. Where to Buy a Flat Grave Marker
  5. Questions About Flat Grave Monuments and Markers

Flat Grave Marker Design

As mentioned, a single person memorial is typically 24″ x 12″. This is the most traditional style of headstone used throughout the United States, but especially up north in Minnesota. The standard name, DOB, and Date of Passing are engraved, in the simplest of designs. Where in more complex stories, a full scene can be engraved portraying their favorite sport or team, the options are endless. Where a picture can say 1000 words, a picture of your loved one’s life, engraved on our premium granite, will last for generations. Some flat grave markers can even be designed to hold flowers as vases; the personalization options are truly endless. 

Flat Companion Marker Design

A companion grave marker is a memorial for two people that were most likely significate others. A companion marker is typically 36″ x 12″ and can be made from any of our premium granite options. For the design, we tend to see a piece of art emerge as we try to tell the tale of two loved ones lost that loved each other very much. If married, we can utilize a scene of 2 wedding bands interwoven, or 2 doves flying in sync. With more a companion memorial of any kind you want to do your best to tell the joint or combined story of your loved ones. 

Questions To Help You Design Their Companion Memorial

What were some activities they liked to do together?

Who were they as a couple?

Do you recall any sort of nicknames they had for each other?

Memorial Engraving

The practice of memorial engraving has been in our family for generations. Taking a beautifully polished granite face and carving out the story of your loved one is our passion here at Northland Monument. Our engraving on the flat grave markers we worked on in the past is still around today. We pride ourselves on beating the industry average for high quality, with our memorial engraving lasting well beyond 7 generations. These flat memorial headstones will go on telling your loved one’s story.

Where Can You Buy A Flat Gravestone?

For those of you reading this in the Northern Minnesota area, Northland Monument is here to help you with all of your memorial design needs. Our Flat Grave Markers are all priced well below what the cemetery will charge you for the same work. Being the memorial engraver, we can likely save you $100s and get you a higher quality stone. Drop by our memorial design studio today to get the story of your loved one engraved in stone today.

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Questions About Flat Grave Monuments and Markers

  • Can you have more than 2 people memorialized on a flat grave marker?

Answer: Yes, in this case, we call these a “family monument” or a memorial that honors more than 2 individuals.

  • How do I get the marker to the cemetery?

Answer: If you have purchased a Northland Memorial for use in a local Minnesota cemetery, then we include the delivery and setting of the flat marker in the price of the stone. We coordinate with the cemetery upon the completion of our engraving and then deliver.

  • Can you put anything you want in the flat marker design?

Answer: Yes, but up to a point. There is only so much engraving that a flat grave marker can hold. We highly recommend sitting down with one of our expert designers to go over the abundance of memorial design options.

  • Do you do on-site engraving?

Answer: Yes, we do a ton of on-site engraving, mostly for final dates, or when the stone has been placed before your loved one had pasted. The standing headstone would then need to be engraved on-site to show the passing date.

  • How quickly can I get a flat gravestone?

Answer: If we have the physical stone in the color you want, then we can likely get the stone out within 3-4 weeks time. (depending on the season)

  • How long will the memorial design last?

Answer: A Northland Monument Engraving will last for at least 7 generations and likely longer.