Upright Monuments

Upright Monuments have come on in recent years as being the go-to option for telling the story of your loved one in stone. Standing between 2 and 4 feet tall, your loved one’s memorial will stand tall for generations to come. A Northland Monuments Headstone engraving lasts for an average of 7 generations.

When you are choosing a memorial for your loved one, it should tell the story of them. Of their wonderful life. For some, life was simple and awesome. For others, life was big and grand. For those that have a ton of story and personality to tell, designing a custom upright monument may be right.

Each of our upright monuments is hand-picked for quality from quarries all over the United States. No other upright monuments in Minnesota are being made with such a high standard for granite integrity. The better the granite used to build your loved one’s cemetery monument the longer it will last.

Tablet Headstones

A Tablet Headstone is getting a little more specific now. Far more traditional, a Tablet Headstone is very similar to the ones used to depict a graveyard during Halloween. The top of the headstone is rounded and the engraving is very simple and to the point. Some tablet headstones will come with longer inscriptions or epitaphs. These epitaphs are typically comprised of a bible verse or other guiding words.

A Tablet Headstone can come in a wide range of sizes. From small or single person Tablet Granite Monuments. All the way to Larger High-Quality family monuments. These family monuments normally host the family name at the top and the names of each member on either side below.

Tablet Headstones are also commonly used with a large mausoleum memorial design. Private family mausoleums will host 12+ family members and some times incorporate a tablet headstone to tell more of the family story, piece by piece.

Upright Headstones

An Upright Headstone is the most customizable headstone available from Northland Monument. Our monument designs are of the highest quality and are engraved to last. Upright Headstone, Monument, or memorial, all are similar and deserve the highest quality granite with the closest attention paid to detail.

An Upright Headstone will stand above all of the other cemetery memorials. Stand proudly it will bearing your loved one’s name, date of birth, and date of passing. With most upright headstones, you will likely have plenty of room to customize both the front and the back of the beautiful monument.

Upright Memorials

Our Upright Memorials from Northland Monument are award-winning and stand the test of time. Building Custom Upright Memorials is what this monument company lives for. We have been in the storytelling business for many years and have engraved many of those stories in beautiful works of memorial art. Some of our more custom memorial designs also incorporate a cremation memorial like an urn or other cremation ash vessel.

For those cremation hybrid memorials, we normally embed the cremation urn into the upright memorial in a niche or even completely surround the remains in the granite. Much like you will see in our columbariums available, the cremation remains can be completely covered in the granite memorial.

Upright Memorial Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small Upright Monument typically cost?

Answer: That greatly depends on the color of the granite selected for the memorial and the over amount of lettering and design needed. The more work needed, the higher the cost of the Upright Monument. By speaking with one of our expert memorial designers you can request a price estimate and know you are going to save $100’s over the cemetery.

What’s the coolest Tablet Headstone you all have ever made?

Answer: My personal favorite would be a family mausoleum we installed last year. Each tablet headstone outside of each chamber was just exquisite.

How many Upright Headstones has Northland Monument Set in Total?

Answer: We have created 100,000 + Headstones for northern Minnesota locals over the years.

What color options go best together when designing my dad’s Upright Memorial?

Answer: A big secret to Upright memorial design is to utilize large contrasts in color. The interior or sawn look of almost all granite colors is often lighter than its polished exterior. For larger amounts of detail and those looking to laser etch, like the flat grave markers we also sell, we recommend going with black granite. For other more exotic colors of granite like; blue pearl and tropical green, we can even utilize painting to bring out more contrast where the granite cannot.

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